IT Outsourcing
Lower operational and Labor cost and freeing up internal resources put IT Outsourcing as one of the top benefits. Leveraged on Wits Info professional skillsets for the ever growing IT Fortier.
Networking Consultancy and Deployment
Wits Info Networking and IT consultancy helps to study the current infrastructure and consider technical strategies. With best industries practices, not only that your existing infrastructure would be better optimize, introducing new technologies where appropriate extends and compliment new beneficial work environment.
Server and Computers Consultancy
Server and computers are not standalone devices. Mobile working consideration, backup consideration and running cost of server and computers are Major decision to make. Never make decision solely base on cost. The lowest cost or highest cost not necessary means the bad and the great.
IT equipment troubleshooting
Desktop not booting? Having funny popup every other button you click on the website? All together no internet connection? All engineering equipment do break down. Let us know and we can swiftly check and have them operational.
Hosting Management
At Wits Info, we believe in getting what is needed and plan to move forward. Getting there would always be a challenge for most business. Let us help you plan, manage and ensure your hosting is up to par of what you require. Leave all the technical words to the technical people we say!
Other Services
We believe that IT comes in many forms and there is no way to tell you even with a text book how things will work. Call us and we would be happy for a discussion on how we can help you.

Types of Service Provided
· Onsite Desktop Hourly contracts *
· Onsite Server Annual contracts**
· Unlimited Onsite IT support contracts
· Unlimited Services information calls
· Unlimited Remote Services
· Preventive Maintenance – Server/Desktop
· IT Asset Management
· IT Consultation
· IT Hardware/Software Procurement
· Backup Planning and consultation
· IT DR and Business continuity Planning
*Max 2 Hours charge per incident!
**Up to 2-4 Hours response cycle
Supported Equipment Category
· Network Equipment
· Server Equipment
· Desktop Equipment
· Laptop Equipment
· Tablet Equipment
· Smart Phones Equipment
Contact us to tell us what you need now!

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